Yorkie Mom Nail Art Decals


These are water-slide decals, so you just trim them, soak them in water to separate the decal from the backing paper, slide them onto your nail and then position them, then add a clear topcoat. They work best with lighter polish and French manicures.
Set of 20
Made In USA
Waterslide Decals

5 reviews for Yorkie Mom Nail Art Decals

  1. Kattia Lazarte

    Dina Dardane Valencia Fernandez

  2. Kattia Lazarte

    Milagros Maite Lazarte Valencia

  3. Dustin Mitchell Wiggins

    Cindy Reyna Wiggins

  4. Elizabeth Miller

    Jesy Clark lol

  5. Dorene Branum

    I love my yorkie

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