Yorkie Little Heart Decal *J589* Yorkshire Terrier 6 inch Sticker


There is no background color. The surface that you apply the sticker to will become your background color. This will be a single color sticker. This is a DIE-CUT vinyl decal meaning that the background has been trimmed off. If there is a background color in the picture, it is used only as a representation. The background color will be the surface color you place the sticker on (or clear if you put it on a window). The decal will come with clear transfer tape, so you can easily apply it to anything you like (walls, windows, cars, mailbox, mirrors, laptops, etc etc etc). I use PREMIUM Oracal brand vinyl for all decals. Application is relatively easy. Your decal will come as THREE pieces – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape. Make sure you are applying to a CLEAN surface. You carefully pull the clear transfer tape up from the backing paper, making sure that it pulls the sticker up with it (if it does not, then firmly press down on it with a squee-gee or credit card or something similar until it sticks properly to the clear transfer tape). Then you apply the sticker and clear transfer tape to whatever surface you would like the decal on. You then use a squee-gee or credit card or something similar to firmly press down once again, making sure that the sticker STICKS, and then you carefully and slowly remove the clear transfer tape from the top, leaving behind only the sticker. I have found that on some surfaces (especially walls and wood surfaces), it helps to leave the clear transfer tape on for awhile to make sure everything is sticking well before removing it. I do not issue refunds or exchanges on vinyl decals. Please understand this before you bid. Some decals are more difficult to apply than others (especially the little ones!) – likewise, some surfaces are more difficult to apply decals to.
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    Matthew Edward Hausman Need.

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