March Madness Elite 8

Rose’s Lucy

Sleeping upside down on my mom because I love when i sleep in odd positions and mom cant move 😂

Christina’s Dixie

It’s a princess life

Stephanie’s Barkley

He loves to play fetch!

Alyssa’s Winston

Winston is 1.5 years old and is the most energetic and loving little boy!

Getti’s Minni

Minni is 8 months old and likes to make her hair messy. I brush her twice daily and within 5 minutes she looks like this again. We love her.

Kim’s Bayley

Bayley is 10
Years old and she is the boss. And you shouldn’t forget it cause she will remind you.

Carla’s Rowdee

Hi my name is Rowdee and I'm soon to be 12 years old. I only have 3 legs, but I bet you can't tell, it hasn't slowed me down. I love life and my mommy.

Amy’s Bentley

Bentley loves walks in the park, chasing birds out of the yard and riding in his stroller.

Rene’s Tsunami

No worries mom...I'm a big boy now.
I'm on the job.

Nicole’s Sawyer

Sawyer is 9 years old and my world! He loves toys and going for walks! He is having surgery and a biopsy on April 11, we would love some prayers! Thank you!

Heather’s Bradley Pooper

First time seeing the ocean and it was the best day ever

Diane’s Chloe is perfectly matched and ready to go!

My mommy’s birthday is in March and winning would be gift to her 🐾❤️🐾

Traci’s Atlas

Atlas is all about comfort!

Yorkie Photo Withdrawn

Shelly’s Bacca & Daisy

It’s Almost Summer and mommy got us Groomed 🐾💕🐾🐾💕🐾

Vickie’s Sophie

Sophie is our 3 lb princess. She Is calm, quite and such a sweetheart. She Loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her.

Kim’s Sophie

This is our sweet Sophie girl. She is 12 years old and recovering from IVDD surgery. We are praying for a full recovery. It’s been real tough on her but she is definitely enjoying all the rest and pampering she has gotten.

Chelsi’s Chewy

Chewy is an albino yorkie

Chrystal’s Cubbie (Chewy)

Cubbies is an unusual Yorkie. He is a farm dog! He loves to ride in the Ranger, on the tractor and in the dump truck. His best friends are a St. Bernard and a calico cat. He may be little but he thinks he is 10 foot tall.

Jade’s Jackson, Maddy & Sophie

Jackson, Sophie and Maddy ~ mission to brighten your day!

Sharon’s Moe

Moe is always ready to play with his binky!! Such a sweet boy!

Kim’s Bogart Blu

Bogey is a rambunctious, loving, fun, and crazy guy. Call him on the Ibone at 1-800-LUV-BOGE

Mary’s Bailey

Bailey 'O' Bailey!