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Errands is hard work!

August 26, 2019 by

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Poor sweetie is all tuckered out.


Precious ❤️


Wouldn’t that be somewhat uncomfortable on his spine?maybe if Sitting in that position to long

Sooooooooo adorable!

Boy he knocked out

Is this not the sweetest thing!

Hard work is exhausting


Ben Ummel

Sweetest pic ever!!!!

Ce n’est pas la meilleure façon

I am so knackered…


I don’t like this, can’t be good for them to sit like that😡

Mauvaise position pour un petit chien. ….

Well Lisa might is keeping their baby well safe that is so cute I just love it

Jusx Justice

Please dont use this

So cute

When my fur babies travel with me I put on a body harness and attach it to the seat, they alot safer than the picture

This is hard on their back.

Adorable! 😊🐶💤

Jusx Justice

Awwww sooo cute

Such a cute little happy happy joy Joy . That little fur baby , Has a good mommy , for keeping that sweet baby safe .🤗💗

Keeping that precious baby safe love this ♥️

So sweet!

Oh my goodness, I love this so much.


Mia Salas

Sarah Farrimond Millie’s daddy



Soo Cute!

It’s a cool picture but it’s bad for the dogs back to be sitting like that.

Oh , excuse me, half your luck

Precious ❤️



Ce n est pas une position pour un petit chien
Il doit être très mal ….
Pauvre petit loulou ..

That’s like my DAISY MAY spoiled and pampered xx

Sweet baby💤😴

Looks uncomfortable to me.



Sweet dreams!

OMG how precious

Dizzy Jordan Ashlee Jordan Maricha Anderton Rocco needs a car seat!

TaVonia Johnson please don’t give her any ideas