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Click LIKE if you know this is true

March 14, 2019 by

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I would be so lost and heart broken without my little Dakota.

I agree



Hi cutie 💝💝💝

Mine is a beautiful Maltese Clohie!

yes it is

Of course

They do take over the house and are so stubborn but they are so loving . I have loved and enjoyed my dusty for 16 years

Yes it is.

Absolutely! We love our little Guppie otherwise know as Jelly boots! He is sooo funny and clever and a mean little devil when anyone comes to the house 😂🐕

Yes it is 🐶💙🐾🐶💙🐾🐶💙🐾🐶


Very true

Of course, Yorkies can cure anything

Absolutely!!..my little Booboo is my heart

Most definitely!! They’ll steal your hearts, take over your house & run your life & you’ll love every single minute of it!!

Definitely true they are the sweetest and the most funniest I love my little peanut! ! I

It’s so true.

Yorkies are any pet, love ❤️


So true

My frito