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You Have Been Warned

October 3, 2019 by

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That is so true!

Amy Rapoza🥴

Titter you may ,there worse than rottweilers.lol

What’s he gonna do kiss me to death?

Bless that’s funny dogs cute too xxxx

Brian Douty 🤣

Cay Marie u need for little man

Carla Hopson he’s such a psycho rofl

Cay Marie exactly

Jamie John Long

Cindy Reyna Wiggins

I wouldn’t put out a sign like this. Would be worried they would steal my Yorkie.

My neighbours seriously need one of these!! Storm Parkin Jones😅😅😅😅

I’ve got a little slate with a Yorkie image and the same message on it. The binmen didn’t collect my bins for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t make out why. One day I managed to stop the lorry and asked why and the driver said “He” pointing to the biggest bloke I have ever seen, is afraid of the dog. The dog wasn’t even outside at the time and anyway there is a fence up so he is safe and can’t get out. I went and got my little lad out of the house and showed him. He… Read more »

Beware the Biewer.



Jonny Churchill

Jose Herrera Kenlyn Powers Junge sounds about right!


Not that they will do anything.. More cuteness

True story. Lol

My York is would even try to beat up a Dottie lol

That should say my yorkie would even try to beat up a rottie

yes beware because her sister is a rottie!!! lol

They are afraid of NO one WATCH OUT FOR MY DAISY MAY


Katie Christenson


Marissa Walsh Sam Walsh

They are pretty vicious

I need this sign!!!!

Love It!! Some of those little ones think they’re great danes.!!

Mine is a lot of things, she’s a doorbell, a garbage disposal, a foot warmer, a mood changer, , and a whole lot more

Ours is a great door bell!!💕🐾💕

They will pick you to death!


Wish I had a sign like this to post on our front door. Our little Dash is fierce!

So true!!!! Big little guard dogs!

With our Penny we could use this sign 😈 she is a little Devil !!!!

I have a slate “beware of the Yorkie” which a friend gave me just for fun. I put it on the gate and couldn’t understand why tradesmen wouldn’t come up the garden path. Until one said he was afraid to because of the dog. Thing is my Yorkie was only 11 inches long and 8 inches high and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was more afraid of him being stolen so maybe the sign did more good than harm.

they love unconditionally mine are always there for me xx

Lot of bark but no bite

Randy Camm

So cute 💝💝💝

I don’t need a sign to warn people. The just have to walk past my house or pull in the driveway and the barking will be warning enough.

That’s how my yorkie is she’s mean and don’t play with her owner..