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You do see me? Can I come in now?

September 29, 2019 by

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You can stay inside at my house

Hi cutie I will let you in xxx

Let that baby in!

Beautiful baby , mommi open the door please ❤️💋💙 so cute.


So cute

Awww cute

I will let you in cutie xxx

Momma open the door I am done, so cute


Aww mommy please let me in..

Hello, somebody open the door.

Poor baby, let him in.

So cute bless xxxx

Yes, you can come in, but you must stay for always and always.

Maybe this little cutie lives in a wonderful place where there are no hawks, owls, eagles, coyotes, etc. but we never let our little ones out by themselves…One lapse in judgement could be costly. Something we aren’t willing to chance.

Too cute! Let that little one in already!

I couldnt leave my yorkie out side bye her self were im from hawks and eagle would take my baby away😢

Toooo cute

Oh let that baby in. So cute.

That looks like my little Yorky when she wants to come in now… Her name is Princess she is a rescue dog iPad Air year next month she gets fired I think… Indiana

My little yorkie is only 4.8 lbs. so I never leave him outside alone due to hawks and owls and eagles!

Someone wants a doggie door!