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Yorkies on the Road Photo Contest

Welcome to the Yorkies on the Road Photo Contest!

You may enter at any time until 5/20/18.

Pictures are posted every 30 minutes, on a first come, first serve basis starting 5/1/18 and concluding 5/20/18 at 6pm Pacific.

The Yorkie whose photo has the most comments on the website on 5/20/18 at 6pm Pacific will be declared the Ultimate Yorkie on the Road.

Don't wait! Enter early and give your Yorkie the best chance to win!

We're sorry -- the Yorkies on the Road Photo Contest has Closed. Look for our next contest soon!

Yorkie on the Road Photo Ideas

Yorkies on the Road 2018 Rankings

Tracie’s Jax
Look mom , dads letting me drive
Lee Ann’s Frankie and Romeo
Ready for another road trip🐾💕
Randi’s Tucker
Tucker’s first time at a restaurant. I think we need to work on his manners.
Phyllis’s CocoChanel
CocoChanel loves to be the boss and loves to think she can drive me around.
Cathy’s Spiffy
Can I go?? PLEASE PLEASE Can I go??!!
Debra’s Pebbles
Pebbles loved her ride to get beautified❣
Shannon’s Gizmo
Gizmo ready to hit the road in his new car seat!
Jimmy’s Liaka
Two people arguing in a parking lot… “Oh, this ‘bout to get good. You not looking daddy?”
Phyllis’s CocoChanel
This is how she likes to ride so she can tell me how to drive, makes me get her out her car seat .
Penni’s Milo
Hi!!! My name is Milo. I love to travel. 😂
Ashley’s Cali
Drive thru selfies are the best.
Peggy’s Skeeter and Bridgett
We were at Trader Joe’s and a customer came out of the store and just had to take a picture of my fur babies ❤️
Mel’s Pina
And she passed her drivers license with a perfect shoulder check 😄
Kat’s Zulu
Sporting my new red doggles for spring!
Debra’s Bo
I’am so ready to go camping out!!
Karen’s Peanut and mia gucci
This is a classic of them when i talk to them ❤😁
Liliya’s Nick
I just want to be sure that we not going to the Vet’s office
Shannon’s Drogo
Drogo enjoying the wind in his hair on a drive with mom 😁
Christi’s Toby
In the RV, where he loves to ride.
Tracie’s Jax
look mom dads letting me drive
Kristy’s Scout
Scout in a dump truck
Colette’s Moose
Just cruzin along & enjoying the scenery
Andrea’s Willow Demchak
One of Willow’s favorite things to do. Squirrel Watching! <3
Sylvia’s WALKER
Getting ready for some fun in the ☀️!!
Kim’s Bella
The very best seat to take a ride!!🚗🐶
Shannon’s Drogo
Drogo loves being able to see everything when he’s on a ride.
Karen’s Brodie
When we moved from CT to NC. He was the co-pilot to make sure we got to his new backyard.
Joanna’s Oreo
Oreo having fun on the boat. 04/28/18 which was also her 2nd birthday!
Lisa’s max- sandy & Samantha
Getting ready to go on a roadtrip to Florida
Kat’s Zulu
Road trip in Momma’s new Jeep. livin’ the Jeep life!
Claire’s Teddyboy
This guy loves the wind outside the window
Tracie’s Ozzy
Yorkiezilla …..we went to see the goldengate bridge in san Francisco California
Andrea’s Willow
Cruising around looking for squirrels. It’s what all the “cool” Yorkies do.
Charissa’s Niko
Niko’s first selfie in his first car ride to his new home
Janet’s Bentley
We were camping. He was just chilling on the lawn. It was a precious moment.
lisa’s Max
@ McDonald order food
Lisa’s Max
Coming back from the groomer
Andrea’s Willow
Willow loves her bike cart. Just as long as it is not hooked up to the bike! Ugh!
Debra’s Bo
You say bye- bye he is in the seat fast as a jet!!
Lisa’s Max
On the road…..