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Yorkie-osophy: Abbie Rose – Real Yorkies’ Stories

December 13, 2016 by Abbie Rose-assisted by Tisha Oehmen



My Name is Abbie Rose – “Abbie” for short. Here’s a little bit about me.

  • I was born on 10/16/2015
  • My homecoming was on 12/13/2015 and I was 8 weeks old
  • My star sign is Libra
  • I have 1 siblingΒ (my big brother Jack)
  • My home is in Oregon and I have lived here for 1 year
  • My friends are Jack, Kelly, Kurt, and Amanda. Jack is my best big brother. Kelly, Kurt, and Amanda come to work with me every day and play with me.
  • My favorite activity/activities include meeting and playing with dogs
  • My favorite meal involvesΒ Anything that isn’t just kibble and my favorite snack food is jerky treats
  • My favorite toy is a stuffed Christmas Tree and I like to play with it by shaking it, rolling on my back and batting it around, or fetching it.
  • The best time of the day to me is time to go to work because then I get to see my co-workers and play some more.
  • I am frightened by the dark and this makes me want to be near my Mom, Dad, or my big brother Jack
  • My favorite movie of all time is The Secret Life of Dogs
  • My all-time role model is my big brother Jack because he’s so cool — I want to grow up to be just like him.
  • My favorite place to go is the dog park because there are lots and lots of dogs to meet, to play with, and to run around with.
  • I’m learning how to catch treats when they are tossed to me
  • The best holiday I ever had was this summer when I went to the beach with my Mom and Dad and Jack and we dug in the sand, walked on the beach, and watched movies.
  • I look forward to getting everyone up in the morning so that we can play.
  • I am happy when Dad or Mom throw my Christmas Tree for me — or Jack decides to play with me.
  • I am joyful about meeting any other dog — I love dogs.
  • I love how Jack wrestles with me and plays tug of war with me. I always win!
  • I think that I can make the world a nice place by genuinely saying ‘hello’ to every person and dog I meet.

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Hi cutie pie Abby Rose


You are previous

So cute

Beautiful babygirl! Her birthday is the same as my Bear only he’s 5 yrs older.

Awe. Beautiful.

Abby Rose and I have the same birthday. How precious she is



Hello lovely girl you’re beautiful.xxx

Precious baby πŸ’‹

You are a cutie

Abby Rose, you are adorable!