Autumn Blessings from Willow in Pennsylvania.

Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Contest

Welcome to the Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Contest!

You may enter at any time until 11/30/18.

Pictures are posted every 30 minutes, on a first come, first serve basis starting 11/10/18 Pacific.

The Yorkie whose photo has the most comments on the website on 11/30/18 at 6pm Pacific will be declared the Ultimate Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Contest Winner.

Don't wait! Enter early and give your Yorkie the best chance to win!

We're sorry -- the Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Contest has Closed. Look for our next contest soon!

Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Ideas

Yorkie Harvest Festival Photo Contest 2018 Rankings

Shelly’s Bacca & Daisy
Leaves are falling, that means it’s almost THANKSGIVING!!!!!!
Kathy’s Zulu
Wishing you a harvest of good times!
Lauren’s Bentley
Spoiled rotten!!!!♥️
Andrea’s Willow Demchak
Willow and Mommy Pumpkin Shopping. 2018
Elizabeth’s Keelie
My rescue pup. She was thrown for a vehicle by my house. Has been my heart for the last 10 years.
Jackie’s Sadie
❤️ Sadie’s hard day at work!!
Joanie’s Toby
Who doesn’t enjoy their hair blowing in the wind!
Stephanie’s Barkley
I wanted a photoshoot with Barkley in the leaves, he wanted me to hurry up and throw his ball already! ❤️❤️
Patricia’s Angel
My little Yorkie Angel as a teddy bear for fall.
Janet’s Bear
It’s bedtime mom!!!