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What kind of trouble can we find today?

November 9, 2019 by It's a Yorkie Life

What kind of trouble can we find today?

Found at: http://bit.ly/2ffLtNn

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Bad to the bone

Beautiful baby


Omg 😘

I love it! What a cutie!

Love that sweet face, but it just doesn’t go with the print on that bandana. But, he is a cutie!


So cute


Sooo precious

So adorable cute



Gina Schlegel that’s a rebellious pup if I ever saw one!

So cute!

Oh I love the cap..looks so devilishly cute

Liza Shakliar

Brandi Brackette 🤣 MJ needs one!

Emily Alyse this looks just like him lol

Brandi Brackette omg get the bandana and camera out 😂


Brian S. Masciocchi 😘

Jo clair

Where can I purchase this head wrap?

Awwww love that adorable face!

JaLisa Simmons

Love it but don’t think my Yorkie would she would soon shake it off 🤣🤣

Aye aye captain

Beautiful little cutie

OMG! How adorable!!


Cutie biker

Brenda Wheeler

Love this.


Lisa Marie Newman xx

Lol that’s adorable

That is cute

Louise Pither. Mmmmmmmmmxx

How cute

So cute…

Absolutely adorable!

Don’t mess with my Misses 🐾 ☠️🐾

You look so cool and adorable

So adorable

Biker dude!!!




You are a doll!!

Cool dude!!


Karen Mole. Did Bobo quit his job as a jockey to become a pirate. Lol

Hello Nice to meet you I’ve been saying something like he and your dog looks like a pirate I want to see a dog because it’s cute it’s beautiful it is a sub is gray and it’s all the stuff I want and it’s awesome and it’s beautiful in it and it’s not bad and it cool and then everybody happy