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A Yorkie a part of your wedding

October 2, 2019 by It's a Yorkie Life

What do you think, would you make your Yorkie a part of your wedding? ‘cause I think I would!

Found at: http://bit.ly/22CgTQl

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Definitely have my Yorkie as my bridesmaid or best man. Or hold him instead of flowers…hee hee. He’s my baby. Family. Xx

Too cute

Absolutely! Their family <3


Yes yes


I surely would.

Of course

My yorkie passed away 3 months ago 😔 I missed him a lot.

Yes yes yes


Oh Yes!

For sure…

So cute !!!!


after all he is family

yes I would

Yes both of them although I don,t know what they’d do ha ha


Yes absolutely

You betca


I don’t ever plan on getting married again but if I did I think that would be cute to let my Lilly Mae be there with me. But I’ve never had a big wedding in a big white dress like this in either one of my marriages. I’ve never even had a dream of having one like that. I’d never have the money for it anyway.

I did…

I did! My baby pulled me down the aisle!❤️

Yes why not the little one is part of the famiy

Precioso bebe


Lindo fofo

Yes I would it’s par of family!🌷🌷🌷❤❤



Definitely would

I sure would

You betcha I would

Sure would.

Look at that cuttie

My son and daughter in law did and my husband and I got to carry them, they have 2, down the isle and held them during the ceremony until picture time. It was wonderful and they behaved beautifully!

So beautiful xx

Adorable, sure would!

Yes !!!


Yes I would

Why? Why not?

Das tollste an dem Kleid ist der Jorky

Emily Christine Clerico

Kelly Going Johnson

Why sure I would. She’s a part of my life and will always be a part of everything I do 💜

Katie Solveig

The prettiest little ‘bride’ or ‘groom’ ever. So sweet.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕