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Tony’s Harley Oglesby

August 15, 2019 by Tony Oglesby

Harley loves to go bye bye, he loves to hang his head out the window and sniff the air, lol

Did someone say "go bye-bye............ I'm in!"

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So adorable

So precious

Sooo adorable baby ❤️👍

What a handsome little man ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Love his eyes… ❤


He’s so cute – I swear that there is a human in under that fur 🙂

Adorable baby !

Hi handsome i hope you drive good you are adorable and cute

Cute cute

He is too çute

Hi Harley

Dios mio q hermoso tiene una carita de hombresito❤😘❤😘❤😍😍😍

Oh my goodness!!

Hi Harley. You are so cute!!

Gorgeous xxx


Cutie pie 🐾❤


Omg so precious.❤️😘🐾❤️😘🐾

Hi handsome


Please be careful with all dogs when driving. They have no tear ducts, and their eyes will dry out, and they will go blind. Also they could be hit by a flying beetle, or other object and be seriously hurt or, again, blinded….. I love dogs, and don’t want to see any of them hurt. Just saying…

Harley . . . are you spoiled . . .

Soo cute

Absolutely adorable! 💗