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The triple threat…

March 14, 2019 by

The triple threat…

Found at: http://bit.ly/2fsZTwG

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These little ones are absolutely adorable!!!..you just want to eat them up

Adorable, had one Memories, now toy Puddle, we love them All.

Too cute

I gave tham names nena, chula,e presyosa.wepa

So precious.


Carol Oliver

A basket of love…💝💗💖

Hi little beauties



Madison Ritterbush

Just too cute!!

Three cutie pies

Sooo cute!

Julle is pragtig.

So cute



So adorable!

I love Yorkies!!!!

Omg how freekin adorable!!!

Now that is cuteness overload!

Ruff, ruff

Omg how cute i want one

Triple the love from these little beauty’s

Vincent Murdock

Cuteness in a basket😊

OMG Deidra Braswell Bolyard, look at this!

Bunch of cuteness

Oh my goodness gracious 😍😍😍look at that bed of sweetness ❤️❤️


Cuteness overload ❤️❤️❤️

Super cute!🤩❤😘


Jerry Amyx!

I’d take all 3 of them….so darn cute!

Pamela Montes


Precious lil pup’s

Beautiful babies💞


Give me one

How adorable ⚘⚘⚘

Such cuties

Attention Yorkie Parents…Have a question…our little Max is 6 yrs old and is having an itchy problem..we took him to the vet and she expressed his anal glands and said that the bumps and itch would stop. Well it has been 5 days and the itch has not subsided…Has anyone ever experienced this with their furebaby???? And will it eventually go away??? I hate seeing him suffer..it looks like it is driving him nuts

Take your baby to another vet, you could try a little bit of ladies monistat chafing cream and rub on his butt if that’s what’s itching. Has he been groomed lately? Could be hair growing and itching. I have that problem with mine. And use the chafing cream it calms them down. Hope this help. Might need apoquel for allergies. Vet prescribed.

They may not have expressed it all. Have them check him again. Sometime’s their diet can make this problem worse.

So adorable 💖.

Soo Cute!!😍

So adorable

I can’t stand how adorable they are!!!❤️❤️