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Terry’s Bella

November 26, 2019 by Terry McClelland

We were playing spin the toilet paper!

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That is great I love it


O no yall got caught
So cute

My puppie dose that also

They’re adorable!!

Julie Chilton

How cute

I think Carly came n joined them

Andrea Diggins😂

What cuties! ❤️

Too cute!

Aww they are soo beautiful

Little shredding dogs!

its a parti



Both so cute

Hello you little mischievous cuties!! Looks as tho you’ve been very busy! 💕🤣

So cute

They are adorable, there’s no way you could be mad st them.

So cute and innocent. Lol

I want one

So precious look at those sweet faces. Are they yorkie poos.

They look so innocent.

A pair of cutie pies.

hello pretty Bella

Who could be mad at those two little babies they are so adorable


Both so cute

Beautiful color coats. Too cute!

Omg they r so cute

Adorable babies

So adorable

So cute

OMG!!!!! I want 20 of those!

They didn’t do that!!😅

Who could be mad at those faces, adorable

Pretty .

But they are SO cute!!!!!🐶🐶🐶

Maxie must have been there visiting.

They are so cute



Fun is fun & soooo entertaining … Better than being bored 🎈🎈

Beautiful Little Bella!!!!!

My Yorkies used to love to get the toilet paper,I finally had to keep the bathroom door closed,but when I open it they were the first ones in….

Guilty written all over you

So cute.

We call ours the mini shredder. Any paper she finds she shreds and she is 13 years old.

Evan Goad