Road Trip

I like roadtrips

I like roadtrips

Photo credit: choco@Nerima

Phyllis’s CocoChanel

CocoChanel loves to be the boss and loves to think she can drive me around.

Andrea’s Willow Demchak

One of Willow's favorite things to do. Squirrel Watching! <3

Let’s Ride!


Let’s ride!

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Peggy’s Skeeter and Bridgett

We were at Trader Joe’s and a customer came out of the store and just had to take a picture of my fur babies ❀️

This is Thelma, and I’m Louise

This is Thelma, and I’m Louise

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Summer Daze and lazy car trips

Summer Daze and lazy car trips

Charissa’s Niko

Niko’s first selfie in his first car ride to his new home

Joanna’s Oreo

Oreo having fun on the boat. 04/28/18 which was also her 2nd birthday!

Peggy’s Skeeter and Bridgett

Went on their first road trip to Oregon and celebrating their Aunti's 70th birthday party ❀️❀️

Phyllis’s CocoChanel

This is how she likes to ride so she can tell me how to drive, makes me get her out her car seat .

Randi’s Tucker

Tucker's first time at a restaurant. I think we need to work on his manners.

Jimmy’s Liaka

Two people arguing in a parking lot... β€œOh, this β€˜bout to get good. You not looking daddy?”

Toni’s Bo

Bo is taking a road trip to pick up his sister Pebbles from the groomer. He loves to go for a ride.

Tracie’s Ozzy

Yorkiezilla .....we went to see the goldengate bridge in san Francisco California

Caitlin’s Bella

Bella was super excited for a roadtrip like she always is. It was also a hot summer day and thus the showing of her pink, little tongue.

Mel’s Pina

And she passed her drivers license with a perfect shoulder check πŸ˜„

Karen’s Brodie

When we moved from CT to NC. He was the co-pilot to make sure we got to his new backyard.

Janet’s Bentley

We were camping. He was just chilling on the lawn. It was a precious moment.

Andrea’s Willow

Willow loves her bike cart. Just as long as it is not hooked up to the bike! Ugh!

Andrea’s Willow

Cruising around looking for squirrels. It's what all the "cool" Yorkies do.

Kat’s Zulu

Road trip in Momma’s new Jeep. livin’ the Jeep life!

Lisa’s max- sandy & Samantha

Getting ready to go on a roadtrip to Florida