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February 1, 2020 by It's a Yorkie Life

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I now like little dogs,…

Jim Myer – Stevie !!

My Tinkie

I am a better person because a Yorkie came into my life.

It,s just full filled my life and made me happy and mine has alot of health problems and is 10 yrs old so now I have a two yr.old also..💞❤️💙🐾😍😘

And won my heart. When he crossed the bridge he broke it

And now our home is complete!

She takes care of us all and is a furry angel

Took full control.❤️😘🐾❤️😘🐾

Completed our family!!



I have someone to share the recliner with ❤

We got totally took over….Wouldn’t want it any other way😊

❤️ love

Indeed 26 years ago and ever since

I found my soulmate

Touches my heart

…I found my smile again



Soccer is not spayed. He met a girl doggie of his shape and size approximately 2 weeks ago who lives quite a walk from us. Since then, he’s been consistently talking me to the door where she supposedly lives. We can only speculate that this is her residence, but the door is always the same. And the weather doesn’t matter. 😉

They are the sweetest little things I’ve ever had… I miss my baby so much… 😔

It is great to have one

All because a Yorkie came into my life I learned love comes in small packages.

I have the love of my life.

My wills is my world x

I smile and laugh

I have a best friend

Everyday is an adventure…

My life is much happier

I sure love her she all i have

I’m loved

Love my yorkie she’s my baby

I have unconditional love.

I laugh more now that I have Cooper!

I’m a Mom again. I love my Maggie Mags🐕💜

Unconditional love!!🐶🐶 I got my first Yorkie right after my divorce and she definitely was the first to show me this!!

I love my little Annie, she makes me happy

It made the loss of my husband more bearable. I consider Vera my family.

There is joy everyday, just watching them. 💙💙

I get up in morning.

I love yorkies so much

I’ve had a best friend for 13 years! ❤️

I know what true love means

I got my sanity back…

I laugh more and am happier……….

I am forever changed and truly loved….

I feel alive