It’s a Yorkie Life Adult Coloring Book: For the Love of Yorkies (It’s a Yorkie Life Crafts)


We’re all trying to find that rare moment of peace in today’s otherwise crazy world. At the same time, so many of us are attempting to improve our overall happiness quotient. And one of the things that bring us the greatest amount of joy is our pet Yorkie. At the same time, there is a movement toward the simpler things in life. Somehow, when you break out your colored pencils, pens, or even crayons and allow yourself a few moments to color, you remember those coloring moments of your childhood and instantly relax. So, when you combine that with meditating on the love of your Yorkie, the combination is unbeatable. That’s what this adult coloring book does — it combines your love of Yorkshire Terriers in an adult coloring book. These repeating Yorkie patterns fill the page in interesting coloring patterns, including cross weaves, rotations, spirals, and random formats. This book is the ultimate in mindless escape. If you are looking for singular Yorkie pictures to color, please check out “Yorkie Spirit Adult Coloring Book: An exploration of the indomitable Yorkshire Terrier” book from It’s a Yorkie Life. Coloring can be done on anyone’s schedule, a whole pattern at a time or just a few sections — whatever your timeline allows. So open the book, pick one of the 36 patterns, and begin to discover the truth, that it’s a Yorkie life.
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1 review for It’s a Yorkie Life Adult Coloring Book: For the Love of Yorkies (It’s a Yorkie Life Crafts)

  1. Kellye Hill

    I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. ❤❤❤

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