Grampa Bardeen’s Family Pumpkin Carving Set


Deluxe high-quality American pumpkin carving set. More information @
CARVE TOGETHER™! From the First Family of pumpkin carving kits–the Bardeens. A family tradition since 1943. Designed by the Bardeen siblings with a combined 340 years of pumpkin carving experience!
18 High Quality Tools: 10 Teflon®-coated Saws, 3 Drills (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″), 3 steel-tipped Pokers, 2 Scoops (regular & jumbo) and 16 fun patterns.
How to Carve a Pumpkin in 33 Seconds!:
MADE IN AMERICA! Tools, patterns & tips in a sturdy, locking box.
Caution: Sharp tools included–Adult supervision required. Free patterns & carving-tip videos @
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