Gerber 2nd Foods Meats, Chicken & Chicken Gravy, 2.5-Ounce (Pack of 12)


Gerber 2nd Foods Meats

Meat and poultry are among the best food sources of zinc in a baby’s diet and the iron they contain is readily used by the body.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors

90 reviews for Gerber 2nd Foods Meats, Chicken & Chicken Gravy, 2.5-Ounce (Pack of 12)

  1. Honey Unless Badgered

    Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Vickie Brewer

    I buy these to mix in my yorkies food as a treat once in awhile bcus they LOVE them!! These baby foods were also a life saver for my yorkie that was attacked by a coyote over a year ago & she was in so much pain & traumatized I had to syringe feed her water & I thought to buy these baby foods to use in syringe to feed her & it was perfect. She actually swallowed it when I syringed it in her mouth & she got stronger & came out of that difficult period after about 10 days of no appetite otherwise. I also fed to my 22 year old cat for a couple months when she was ailing from old age before she passed & it gave her some nutrition for awhile when she was losing her appetite.

  3. Denise Cummings

    I used to treat my yorkie to baby food like this as a supplement to her diet when she was growing up. She loved it and I also used it to make treats like frozen fruits or add the meats to a baked treat. Saved me from having to puree it myself lol

  4. Laura Tontarski

    I used this for my yorkie as she aged to stimulate appetite. It’s only ok to use a small portion to add to an already balanced diet, don’t use as the sole portion of a meal. Always consult your vet if you have any concerns for what you are feeding your pet.

  5. Rachel Koutsakos

    This is what my vet suggested when my Casey is sick and can’t eat, and they actually use it at their veterinary hospital there as well-it works like a charm. Also good if you need to give him/her a pill, just crush it up and mix it in with the baby food.

  6. Patti Hill

    I’ve wondered about this before. So it’s actually safe to feed this to my Chorkies ?

  7. Romana Wendenon

    Never even thought of this! #mindblown

  8. Joanne DeLucca

    I’m gonna try it

  9. Dianne Watkins

    I tried that & he wouldn’t eat it

  10. Florence Diana Hunt

    I mix this in with my older Yorkie’s dry food with a bit of warm water. She loves it and I know she’s eating well. I mix pumpkin (gerber makes just plain pumpkin too) in my other 3 babies dry food at night. Sometimes Yorkies have a hard time self expressing anal glands and my vet recommended I do this. They love it.

  11. Belicia L. Zeringue

    Allison Zeringue 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Setu Pandya

    Asli Basegmez

  13. Andree Guignard-Paulin

    Pierre-Luc Noël

  14. Andrea LaRosa

    Kelli you should get some for jack when we have a dinner like ribs and he can’t have any

    • Michelle Pirkola

      🤢 So gross, the boys wouldn’t even eat those puréed meats as babies. They did like the stixs tho.

    • Andrea LaRosa

      Jack is so used to real chicken he would probably turn his nose up to this 😆

  15. Amanda Hamar

    Vanessa Vasquez

  16. Sheree Judge

    Britney Judge

  17. Jennifer Marie

    Jenelle cortez

  18. Jennifer Weed

    Good tip. I have used this and it’s worked. Very helpful. Thank you

  19. Holly Jacobs

    This is the only thing and brand Bella would eat for 3 weeks before she passed away . Thank you Gerber she died of Kidney failure charting at 378 whatever they call them but Gerber kept her going as she tried to get well.

  20. Rose Valdez Houser

    How much fat?

  21. Andrea LaRosa


  22. Jean Daddario Taddeo

    Is it too wet, will get the runs?

  23. Marilyn Mauerman

    Mine won’t touch this.

  24. Rhonda Allen

    I’m going to try this. I’ve got a little picky man but he LOVES chicken lol

    • Donna Wideman

      Try raw frozen or raw dehydrated chicken. My yorkie loves it ❤️

  25. Mardy Graham

    I use the sweet potato and I give my yorkie sangre de drago for gastro problems

  26. Hali Stephens

    I just bought some of this today for one of my Yorkies whose tummy is acting up a bit. I agree that too much liquid type foods can cause further problems…here’s what I did. I boiled a boneless, skinless chicken breast in plain water, let it cool down a bit for handling, put chunks of the chicken into my food processor and ground the chicken up. Normally, I would shred the chicken, mix it with some boiled white rice and add a small amount of plain pumpkin. Anyhow, once the chicken was ground up, I scooped out enough of the chicken for 1 serving and added about 1 tsp. of the Gerber Chicken & Chicken Gravy and mixed it all up. What I ended up with was a mixture that had some flavor to it, but was only moist enough to hold it together. My pup ATE IT ALL! This morning, he wanted nothing to do with ANY of his regular food…

  27. Jennifer Price

    Too much liquid types such as baby food will cause diahrrea in yorkies. Try adding one teaspoon to dry food for flavor.

  28. Brandy Vaughn Donahoo

    We have a little guy who has a touchy tummy I wonder if this would be better for him

  29. Debi Lemmond Bourgeois

    I use this too !!

  30. Barbara Pistone

    Rudy loves this!

  31. Vicki Lapidus

    This is one of the last foods that my sweet little doggie ate. Thank you.

  32. Jane Kraemer

    MJ loved that stuff. I put about a Tablespoon of the chicken in a small Kong and freeze it. Wow, did she love it. She figured out how to flip the Kong to better get everything out. I wish I could have another puppy but Jonathan forbids getting a new one.

    • Seana Ferguson Nightingale

    • Jane Kraemer

      He and Leigh-Ann said they won’t have three dogs in the house. They went on saying that the puppy would shed, she’d bite the others and a whole slew of absolutely untrue things about Silky Terriers. MJ never shed, the Shepherd would nip and bite MJ, (I think Baileigh thought MJ was a puppy) and MJ bit Jonathan pretty badly after he slapped her. Her back was in trouble after that and he deserved the bite.
      I’m getting ready to have my knees helped along with gel shots and I’ll need to walk. I can’t handle J and L-A’s dogs and I won’t walk alone. Even a small dog will scare away trouble. I’m betting they still won’t let me have a dog. The doctor is so nice, he might prescribe a dog.

    • Seana Ferguson Nightingale

      Well, I won’t print what I think about a man slapping a little dog :(. Other than he’s got a problem. But I don’t think another dog is safe in that house….from Baleigh or Jonathan. People go to jail in Ca. for the way he treated MJ.

    • Jane Kraemer

      I kept MJ with me all the time. He took her away from me trying to get her to play well with Baileigh. It didn’t work. It is the idea that he could make MJ like Baileigh. She would stay with me. They are away a lot and I can put Baileigh in their room while I let a new dog run around. Actually, I don’t think Baileigh would bother with her now. MJ was about 11 and Baileigh, I think she would see a puppy while she only thought she was a puppy. Shelbie is the cutest, sweetest dog ever, she’d play with a puppy.

  33. Seana Ferguson Nightingale

    Unless they have pancreatitis….and then they won’t eat ANYTHING :/

  34. Bill Christensen

    Tricia Standifer Christensen bad enough my kid Taylor Christensen ate it until she was 6. Now I have to get it for the damn dog

    • Tricia Standifer Christensen


  35. Connie Stanley Vradenburg

    Barbara Pistone

    • Barbara Pistone

      I am ahead of the game! lol

    • Barbara Pistone

      Rudy loves this

  36. Teresa Bellish

    Thanks for this post. I have a picky Peakanese, that gets sick and won’t eat. This is a good idea.

  37. Debbie Gould

    We used this with Phoebe several times & it was a lifesaver for her. She loved her Gerber baby food!

  38. Shannon Campbell

    I’ve heard pumpkin is good for when a pup is ill.

  39. Eladia Vargas

    My Charlie loves this! He actually had one for dinner ❤️🐶

  40. Marilyn Mauerman

    My girl will not eat this. She is way beyond picky.. She will hold out for cottage cheese tho.

    • Eladia Vargas

      When my yorkies tummy hurt I give him cottage cheese he loves it

  41. Yesi Padilla

    Kenny Portillo why didn’t we think of these? Lol

    • Kenny Portillo

      That is a good idea

  42. Ann Reeves

    My Mother had a 3 12 lb. Chihuahua that’s beyond picky! I will definitely get her to get some of this baby food! I have a Yorkie and she is not picky!

  43. Max Arias

    Yorkies are so picky. This saves my life when I go on vacation

    • Kathy Fleck LaDew

      VERY picky! Ours has pancreatitis n has to have the low fat. Sometimes he gets bored with it and will not eat it. Literally he would starve if I didn’t give him the different things he can have. They say they will eat when hungry….not true.

    • Max Arias

      Kathy Fleck LaDew I hear you. Mine will starve if I don’t feed him

  44. Rhonda Thompson

    We have bought the Gerber meat stick for our Yorkie babies for when they get tummy trouble or decide not to eat since our vet told me 20 years ago. Mash or cut 1 or 2 into small pieces and mix with warm rice for tummy and put one in small pieces on regular food for hunger strikes.

  45. Tammy Johnson

    We’ll have to try that next time our yorkie has a tummy issue

  46. Vicki Hanna

    yea, and to get them over a tummy episode, add some cottage cheese abd a litte rice for a few days. they love it!

  47. Priscilla Ruperti Esposito

    I thought we were the only ones to do this. Our baby gets very picky. Especially with breakfast.

  48. Steven T Poer

    Site Administrator… What if chicken flavor of any kind makes your Yorkie throw up constantly. Does Gerber make any beef products that will work for them?

    • Kathy Cope

      Beechnut makes beef/broth that is what mine eat since girl seems allergic to chicken.

  49. Eladia Vargas

    Junior Hernan we need to get this for Charlie

  50. John England

    Sounds like a spoiled dog!

  51. Tricia Teruel

    Fran Gomez

    • Fran Gomez

      Worth a try

  52. Joyce Davis


  53. Kathy Riffel

    Mine wouldnt eat anything so he starved to death.

  54. Judy Deichler


  55. Judy Deichler

    Wonder if it would work on my caliber?

  56. Pamela Mays

    What kind of food do you feed your Yorkie?

  57. Joann Marianetti

    I used this for both my Yorkies, Kailee and Kasey, for many years especially when I had to give them medicines….they loved it. As they got older, I would buy them by the case at the grocery store. Missing my two precious little ones.

  58. Maria N Jeffrey

    I have a 13 yr old male teacup. Taz has a history of seizures. I finally found a vet last year (we almost lost him) that explained what the cause most likely was. He wasn’t eating enough. Not that we weren’t feeding him enough. It took a couple weeks to nurse him back. This time was a combination of emotional upset from change in atmosphere and fireworks also, he actually went into shock. Anyway. The nutracal is amazing, it kick starts their hunger while giving them nutrients. She had us give him the #1strained chicken, baby rice cerial, chicken broth, nutracal (she actually gave use measurements of each). I had to feed him hourly, then every 2 hours and work our way up. Now that he’s well. He has a bowl of kibble and water down all the time. Then twice a day he gets 1/2 a container of Ceasars (he loves it). That’s what works for us. Good luck.

  59. Max Arias

    I love this post surgery for my yorkie. Just read ingredients- no onions.

  60. Laura Elliott

    My Yorkie is going on 17 and Gerber baby food has literally saved her life. I give her either green beans, carrots, butternut squash or the banana pumpkin (which is her favorite) mixed in with every meal with her probiotics. It’s my little secret and I’m so glad other Yorkie people know too! Her can food is the Prescription Hill’s G/D Aging Care, you get it from your vet. She’s healthier now than she was 10 years ago. I use canned pumpkin too!

  61. Nicole Saterbak Hall

    Tabb Hall

  62. Karen Castillo

    Juan Castillo i guess we need to get red some lol

    • Juan Castillo

      Wow lol

  63. Kandice Smith

    I never knew Yorkies could have this!

  64. Vicki Barrie

    My vet recommended this to us as well and it has always worked on my babies

  65. Anne Klein McMeans Fitzsimmons

    Great idea never thought of it. Thanks for sharing

  66. Barbara Pistone

    Love it

  67. Connie Stanley Vradenburg

    Barbara Pistone

  68. Brandy Noll

    My 11 year old Dixie is losing her teeth. Do you think this could be a good option for feeding her?

    • Vicki Barrie

      I gave it to my baby when he lost his recommended

    • Brandy Noll

      Vicki Barrie thank you, did it affect his bowel movements?

  69. Kim S. Horn

    Who knew? 🤔

  70. Pamela Simmons

    Wow thank you for sharing

  71. Shari Bartch Clark

    Taylor Clark

  72. Madelyn Erica Dimitrijevic


  73. Denean Britt-Cornelison

    Nutri cal. Get it at your vet’s office. Works every time. We had two for 16 years and now a puppy. Love Yorkies!

    • Kandice Smith

      16 years? Wow! I pray mine lives just as long.

    • Sandra Kulesza

      We found the nutrition cal at our local tractor supply store. I honestly believe it saved our Lil Daisy 💕💕

    • Denean Britt-Cornelison

      I know for sure it saved our CoCo. I keep it on hand for our Maggie Mags now. I’m never going without it. Good to know that tractor supply carries it too. Thanks for the information.

  74. Click Kennedy

    Catherine Kennedy, the struggle is real!

  75. Gaye Horn

    I would be afraid to feed my yorkie anything made by Gerber

  76. Lisa Righetti McManus

    That’s exactly what I feed Steeler when he’s not eating much.

  77. Mardy Graham

    my yorkie likes the sweet potato

  78. Dalton Daniels

    April Daniels

  79. Teri Kersker

    Thanks for the hint.

  80. Cynthia Robinson

    Remember this! Mindy Boyll

  81. Giner B Smith

    I did this with my schnauzer that accidentally licked anti freeze she was unable to eat dog food it didn’t appeal to her but near the end she did eat this . I did lose her unfortunately but I did all I could even slept on the floor with her for few nights until the poison took her. She was a devoted and loyal dog to me and was a one owner beloved pet to me and only me. Rip girl.

    • Melissa Aldrich Delaney

      So sorry for your loss.

    • Giner B Smith

      Melissa Aldrich Delaney thank you very much! Merry Christmas

  82. Fran Rosling

    Ah, I never knew that, I no longer have my beloved yorkie (Rusty) however, I have pictures.

  83. Mike Mathews

    We feed Primal freeze dried, he really wants to eat now.. I would be afraid he/she wouldn’t get a complete diet with the baby food.. Teddy wouldn’t eat it..

  84. Robin Rhodes

    Whenever my baby gets tummy upset we give her a little rice with some of this

  85. Michelle Nelson

    I feed this to my Chi/Maltese she loves it.

  86. Jennifer Weed

    Have used this trick as well. If this doesn’t work, we have bought rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods.

  87. Linda Robinson

    Wow! I never even thought about this for yorkies….I literally cook a fresh sweet potatoe in the microwave and then mash it all up for him with nothing added. He loves it!

    • Melissa Aldrich Delaney

      I never thought to do that! My Maggie loves carrots, eggs, peas, adores chicken I boil. I have to try this. How long do you cook it for?

  88. Hanna Womack-Rodriguez

    I used to feed my yorkie Gizzy different baby foods and he loved most of them,
    RIP Gizzy love

  89. Susan Newsom Groome

    Used to feed my yorkie Gadget this

  90. Debbie Orsbon

    I feed my yorkie carrots and green beans he loves them

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