October 4, 2019 by It's a Yorkie Life


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Lovely x


Isn’t that the truth. I’m feeling really guilty at the moment. I have broken my wrist and damaged my arm from a fall and can’t take my little darling out and he’s really missing it.

Same here both of them🐾💙😍🌹❤️🐾💙🖤🐾🖤💙🐾

Sherri Hammond Smith

Glenn Smith you know it!



This will b me for the next 4 years

Missing my baby 😢💔🐾

Can I cuddle w you Mikey J….. Grandma wuvs you. ❤


Sounds like a deal to me.!!!!

Good idea

My coco

So cute! I have always wanted one! Does anyone know where I can get one in southern California?

Me too the girls an I on the couch sounds great right about now. 🐶💜

Me too

dont let these cute little dogs fool you they are a hand full!

But my Yorkie said no way get me more jerky!!!

Maybe after today we can relax and do just that! Fingers crossed!

Yup!! All 5 of my little geriatric fluff balls!!

It’s the best!