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Mona’s Mira

August 11, 2019 by Mona Rolid

Hi, I am living in Spain but in one week my new mother will pick me up and I will move to Norway and live with her and two cats. Since I move to a new country, a new home my mum also change my name from Amber to Mira. I think I will have a good ,spoiled life as a former rescuedog. Yiiiiihaaaaw and in the wintertime I can play with snow too

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Travel safe

Eres afortunado precioso bebe seras amado y consentido te gustara Noruega es un pais precioso y tambien las personas


adorable wonderful



Like Tina looks just like this I also have her sister have had them for 13 years I love them dearly they are my babies


Baby you look sad. I wish you was here with me.


Looks just like my Booboo who I miss so much!

Mira, I pray your new life is a happy one and you enjoy them. Bless you in your new life.

Bless you n Enjoy ur new spoiled life , u deserve it…

God bless you sweetie pie

Blessings and hugs .

Bless you little cutie pie

Bless your new mommy’s heart. I’m sure you’ll be greatly loved. You’re beautiful!!

Bless you little one.xxxx

What a sweetie pie!

Love dog