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Lisa’s Pepper

September 9, 2019 by Lisa BLANCHETTE

Pepper in her pjs

Hey momma 60 is just too cold

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OMG!! Cutie

So cute

Hi Pepper!

This is so cute


Love you Pepper!!! SNUGGLE in those blankets!!!

What a QT…..😍

U little sweeeeeeeeeeet ❤️

Awe so adorable!!!! ❤️

I love the P J’s

What a cutie ! ! !

Hi pepper cutie lover your pjs 💝💝💝

oh on va allez faire un gros dodo

So sweet!

they are so sweet………………

Looks just like my Mia.

This picture is so adorable!

Aw, how sweet, both my dogs knows when it’s time to go to bed . They start pacing

For you 70 might be cool because you are so tiny, love you little one.

So cute !


So cute

Omg how adorable!!! ❤❤

Hi from Kirby!!!!

Hi sweetie

Hi presious

I love the jammies


Omg Pepper it’s freezing here.😢

Precious! 🐾🐾

Oh so sweet.

Adorable 💞🐾

Cute baby.



Please tell me where to get the p.J.s for the dog my dog is cold all the time. He is a tea cup with little weight.

Welcome sweetie

Stay warm little doggie


Ahhh precious

Yorkies are the BEST!

Love your jamies! You are adorable. 💕💕

Precious baby

Omg so cute

Love you 😘

Aww sweetie pie ♥️


WAY to cold for YORKIES RIGHT now wrap them up WELL with heavy coats

so cute

So adorable.