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Lisa’s Dexter (Bug)

June 14, 2019 by Lisa Christensen

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Sweetheart ❤️

Welcome baby xoxo

He’s adorable!!

Beautiful baby

This is my Paisley well it won’t let me put picture

Hi Dexter!

Beautiful baby

Hi Dexter!

I have a blond yorkie


A white Yorkie, never seen that before.

Hi Dexter!

Hello Dexter!


Cutie xxxoo


Love you Bug xoxo

This little guy is just so cute!

Lisa Howe

This little guy is always so happy! Love this picture!!❤❤

Sue Greene

Love Bug… He has the sweetest expression ever!

Elaine Guard

This is the sweetest dog I’ve seen. I would love to have one of my own.

Frances Jones

Absolutely adorable!! So much love in that beautiful face.

Love Bug! 💙

Chris Green

Looking good, mate!


Love it when Bug smiles for a video! Best dog ever!

Rob Spicer

I have been a super fan of Bugs for years. Love ya buddy 🙂

Keri LaMar

Bug, you’ve got us all wrapped around your little paw! xo


He’s adorable and such a good dog!

Virginia Marie Rodriguez

Bug has the best smile, such a love, and his mama has a golden heart! <3

Nancy Schmit

Bug is special. And so loved by his mommy and all of us. Just look at that face!

Susan Burke

Completely adorable! Love you, Bug!!!


The most photogenic and happy pup I’ve ever seen! Just love Bug!

Amelia Grey

Love little Bug❤
He is amazing!

Christine Varcoe

Love that little love BUG!

Lorna Patrick

Awe Bug is such a sweetie and so cute!!!

Chris Nadrowski

Bug is the best!

So cute!!!


Come on Debbie Walterhouse lets play ball

Come on Debbie Drerup Walterhouse lets play ball !


Cutie pie ❤️

So sweet!!

He is a beauty….such unusual color.