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Linda’s Max

August 11, 2019 by Linda Moynihan

Max has been there for me through a very hard time in my life ! I don’t think I would have made it without him

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Oh my goodness!!!

How sweet

Gorgeous baby !


Mine helped me after my stroke, love this little guy

They give unconditional love and sense when your down. Hero Max 💕💕🐶🐶





Mine too. They felt my grief when i lost my husband. They stayed right by my side.


Oh so sweet, they are good to have with you if you are down they can make you feel a lot better by giving you lots of love.

Hi Max

Max you are so sweet

Beautiful and I’m sure he adores you. As much as you do him.

He is beautiful. They are so loving and all my Chloey wants in return is a tummy rub every morning. In one year I lost my son and two beloved dogs ages 13 and 16. Chloey stayed with me and mourned with me. Dogs are very sensitive.

He looks just like my Max!❤


They are definitely little comfort buddies! No matter what’s going on they are beside us with their love and can bring a smile to our faces. I know my Posh does that ❤️

Hi. Max you are precious and loved by mom

So cute!!!

Such a cutie

They are all about unconditional LOVE. 💋💋💋💋💋💋🐾🐾🐾

He looks just like my Riley. I miss him so much 😥

They are great company, friends

He sure is adorable

I credit my former Yorkies for keeping me alive as well as the thought of what my family would have to go through.And now I have a puppy to keep me company again.

I feel the same way about my Sasha!

Hi Max


I totally understand- sometimes our pets are more caring than our own family!!!!

So cute!

Sweet little dog, bless her. X

Good boy!!!

I know that feeling Samantha has been my life saver .
She makes me move when I don’t feel like it which is s good thing with emphysema love our sweet angel ❤️❤️👼🏻
You have a beautiful baby


Precioso Yorshire Terrier Max

My brother and sister in law have a yorkie name max too

This is just like my little boy complete with tuggy which of course he wants me to throw.
Little beauties all of them.😘😘😘

Your Max is beautiful !! ❤️ I have a Max too. I feel exactly the same way~ My Max is the love of my life.

God Bless this little guy. Take care!

So sweet, my little guys name is Max too!

Max is adorable – he looks just like my Wilson❤️🐾😍


Know the feeling. Such good memories. He would have been 17 this pass May.😢😢❤️😘🐾❤️😘🐾


Omg he looks just like my yorkie 💗

Cutie pie 💞🐾

Hi sweet Max. You are adorable !!