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Let’s go shoe shopping mommy

September 24, 2019 by

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Aww. You going to get new shoes. Have fun. 💜💙💛💚

look its just the right size for me

Hi sweetie.💕💕💕💕

Too cute

É lindo demais!!!


Cutie pie ❤❤❤🐾

How cute is that love it

So cute

I had a Yorkie for 10 years and he died in my arms from diabeties it broke my and my husbands hearts. We got where we didn’t even want to come home because we knew Toby wasn’t here. It was like losing a child. We have another dog now and we love him but we will never forget Toby and how much he brought to our lives,

Emma Goggin

Perfect fit!

I will take you shopping cutie bless you xxxx

Aww precious! ❣️


May you be loved forever

So cute

So cute!


Drendle, you need this tote for Turbo.

So cute !

So cute xxx

The little Yorkies day so adorable I’m going to get me one