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Lesley’s Poppy

June 14, 2019 by Lesley Francis

Poppy’s chilling I. Mums chair

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Cute adorable baby


He looks Chewbacca.Adorable

So stinking cute 🐾🐾


Omg so cute

2. Cute

Me today. Missy Martinez

To too sweet

Just like my Amy

A little darlingxx


Cute adorable precious. God. Bless

Cute fur baby!

Looks like my Hannah. Lovable

Looks like our Bella when she lays with Richard H. Davis

This looks like my Pepper’s pose!! Too Precious!

Adorable cute

So cute



Precioso bebe lindo

Can’t take it To Darn Cute!!!!❤


Looks like my Juliet. Miss you baby girl.

Too precious💖💖💖

Hi Poppy love your name and your a doll❤️❤️

So cute

Precious baby


Adorable …💖💖

You look just like my elvis lays like that too xxx

Love that smile.

Another one who sits in what seems to be the most uncomfortable position. Bless her.xxxx

Totally relaxed!!!❤️🐾

Love that baby ❤️

Hi Poppy

Yes. Precious ❤️🐾😘😘🐾❤️

hi poppy <3


Hi Poppy!🥰