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Kim’s Zippy

November 24, 2019 by Kim Bushman

Zippy sits in a chair at the supper table who could resist ….

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Where is his dinner? And those homemade pickles look delicious.

Lol first I didn’t see him

So beautiful 😍

Cutie 🐾❤


Yum I would let him sit at the table to! He’s adorable and everything looks yummy

Lovely x

I see you sweetheart 🤗❤️🤗

Zippy, You Are Just Precious!!!!

Zippy just sitting there licking his lips👍🏻🐾❤👍🏻🐾❤

I see that little face in the corner

Omg Zippy so gorgeous he is waiting for Yummm 🍴 enjoy save me some ❤️💋💙

So cute