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Karina’s SOPHIE

July 22, 2019 by Karina Pulido

Sophie loves being the little diva, and loves holding on to the wheel ALL THE TIME.

Where do you want to go today?

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Not safe. She needs a seat belt.

Incredibly cute!! 💕


Absolutely love it that is so cute

I could just squeeze this lil doll !💓

Shell T-James Peach needs this dress


Alexis Saunders-Williams, she is too cute!!

Ha ha so cute

She is precious!

I can’t stop smiling so so adorable

Amy Caldwell Sophie Caldwell x

So adorable

She is cute but I hope she don’t hold the wheel while driving little adorable yorkie

Sade Landrum


Ong u are too cute

Sretna ovako ce i Auč 😂😊

Awww how cute

What a cutie.


How cute are you?❤️🐶

Get in momie ill drive lol

Juanita Agosto

Julio Conde Jr 😍😍


So cute l love it

Aww so sweet

Picture cute .

Victoria Tate Pye

She’s adorable 💜💗🐾

Awe!!! So cute!!!

Omg, adorable😍😍😍

Shes a beauty

So great! Just love them all.

Beautiful puppy gorgeous outfit

Absolutely adorable

Such a cutie ❤️

Want to go for a ride

Jasper has learned to drive. Look Tisha

Adam Meunier

Cutie pie

You can drive me anytime and you are so cute#

Their all so cute I can’t stsnd it


Charmagne Bowman 😍

Soooo adorable

Such a doll!!

So precious💋💓

Nancy Nigro 😂😂 look familiar

Donna Faxon