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Julie’s Harley

February 12, 2019 by Julie Stevens

He was sleeping and he heard a cheese wrapper and this is the look he gave me

Whatcha eating.....

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So cute

They never miss a beat 😂😂

How cute

You’re so handsome!

Lovely photo x

Mine too

So cute!

Oh yes. They know when cheese is being opened.


Cute and I love his name!

Know that look well


So sweet

Yup yup I want it … What ever it is … Yup I want it !

I got 4 yorkies, I don’t care they hear a pin drop🤗 But can’ t blame I’m like that to if I heard a wrapper🤗

Such a cutie

so cute

Bernadette M. Ciliano monkey’s twin 😍

Oh my!!! Another beautiful baby. 👶🏻🐶❤️💜❤️💜

Hi Harley. You are a cutie!!

Reminds me of my Yorkie! He can’t hear me saying stop barking but he hears a cheese rapper!

Hi Harley!

Amanda Brogliato

Lol, I recognized that look!

Hi harley

Yelp, I know that look.

I must have the cheese…

They don’t miss a thing. Yorkie alert!!!!

Ruff, ruff.

my little male Mojo can be sound asleep and if he hears me open a Pringle’s chip can he is wide awake

very handsome Harley

They never miss a chance for food, chip bag, candy wrappers, you rattle it they hear it!! LOL 😂 our Yorkie gives the same look.

My dog loves cheese too


Precious baby wants a little bit of cheese just a little bit

That will get them every time!! Just crinkle the wrapper and they are at your feet!!

I have seen that look!

They do love their cheese!

That’s my baby

Hello sweety

Where did u get your yarokie at I been looking for one

Very alert!

OMG that’s exactly how my Yorkie looks when she hears the cheese draw open in the fridge…too funny! Lol😂😂😂😂

I know my baby loves Cheese.

OMG – our Yorkie did the same thing. But we now have a chihuahua & he does the same.

Omg just to cute 😂😂😂

I want some he said 🙂

My Max is the same way. I think he can smell the cheese from another county!!!

Love you baby


So cute.