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Julie’s Harley

August 22, 2019 by Julie Stevens

I love my bathtime

Harley taking a bath

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Dont have photo but my Harley just got bath and looks same

Looks so familiar, when we bath our yorkie

Becca Evans this is what Bella looks like having a bath 😂😂

Know that look only to well,lol!


My Yorkie hates bath time.

Carole Hopper Milbauer looks like a Gremlin!

Karen Maines Fryman I got this same look from Little Man yesterday when he got a bath.

Hi, it looks like you like bath

Love fur babies

Little darling

What a sweet baby💕

Harley is enjoying his bath .


Oh how I remember that look! 😂

So cute.


Alexandra Chouliara Georgia Chouliara 😂😂😂❤❤❤

Angela Quinn this is lady when u bath her🤣

So Cute

Oh dear Harley’s not a happy boy. He doesn’t want to face the indignity of everybody seeing him all wet and not at his best. Bless him.😘😘😘

Poor baby

Aww so cute i love those dogs they are very beautiful

You ready to run & dry off!!! Mine do as well❤️

Some people shouldn’t respond if all they have to say is bad about the yorkie‼️‼️‼️

oh boy looks mad

So cute.

Awwww what a cutie x

Just like my Amy haha

Not pretty still love them

Hi Harley, I have a rescue named Cassi who looks just like you.

That’s funny, that’s the way mine looks when she’s wet,lol

I have never seen a Yorkshire Terrier WITH EARS THAT BIG. wow.

Lynn Thomas Colley

Looks about as happy as my Harley is when having his bath. 🙈

They look like little wet rats.😁😁😁

Adotor Ab


My Chico looks just like that 🤣🤣


Lisa Marie Newman 😂😂😂 xx

Aimé MA la panchi❤🥰

Ricardo Flores es hacho

Looks like a gremlin

Awww just so cute,Bath time is the crazy best,So sweet ❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾

Hay sweet heart

What did I do to deserve this???



Poor sweetheart

My yorkie looks just like that when wet. Good thing they fluff back out!!


Hey Cutie pie! 🐶❤️