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Joanie’s Layla & Toby

November 25, 2019 by Joanie Balderas

Mom we are ready to go outside!!! Hurry get your shoes on!!!

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Precious cuties

So beautiful…

Adorable ❤️❤️🐾🐾😍

How in the world can anyone not love a Yorkie??? They melt my heart!!

Two cuties ❤❤

Yep these adorable babies have that hurry up look in there beautiful little eyes

Two gorgeous yorkies 💝💙

Hi cuties!



soo cute double trouble!!

2 cuties! !

Two beauties 💝💝💝

Let’s go…..

Hi Layla & Toby ❤️💙

They look just like my 2 Charlie and lola. Are they as mischievous? Nice to see them. Haven’t seen digs that look like my 2 before x

What beautiful little button faces.

Hello. Beautiful Fur Baby’s!!!!

Hi Layla and Toby they are so cute

So cute look like my two bless 💝💝💝

They look like my “Jack and Jill”. 😊💕

Aww very cute ones