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Yes it is cutie xoxo

Jeize Janke Charlotte Thomas

Beckie Yingling Severe, thought of you when I saw this post from my sister in law.

No matter what mood you bring home..or how down in the dumps you feel because you already broke your new years resolutions..Max can make me feel so happy again..great little fur puppy

Amanda, so true! 💖

I love my little Chase. He brings me so much joy

So true

I agree.

Oh mon beau, chien♥


So very true

Oh yes!

So true

So true amen pure love


Marissa Walsh Sam Walsh

That’s one of my happiness but he is so needy for me. He knows where im at at all tlmes.

Oh yes! They melt your heart ❤️


So very true

The best thing

Or three…❤️❤️❤️

Ever SO true…i think v my Derby everyday…miss her sooo…

Angie Kincaid-Noe

Or 2!

My Yorkie girl just came down stairs from her bed Looked at me ……and my heart melted😊😊😊I love this dog so much it hurts she is such a character 😊

So true

Yes Amen

So cute!


Or a yorkiepoo 🐶

Yes indeed <3



Debbie DuBois ❤️

Or 3 💕💕💕

Amanda Brogliato

Or 6


Yes it is

My scrappy.

Yes this is so true

True story.

Love my yorkpoo

Dora Andrea Benavides lollll plane boy


So true, mine wants to sleep inside of me at night, not matter how hot it is. They have so much love to give!

Amen to that!!

So true

or two yorkie mixes. Such personality

I’m pretty sure that’s a morbid