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I is sunbathing in STYLE!

August 11, 2019 by

874085ee880b4c326c27f1d93ad423aaI is sunbathing in STYLE!

Found at: http://bit.ly/2f8DeFI

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Cutie ♥️♥️

Janette Roule aww

Jenny Roule need one for Roxy and Milo! 🐾

Yes ! Soo cute ! 😄

Edward Stephenson

Brian Douty

Niki Shepherd


Baby needs a lil cushion.


My yorkie suns in the spring and summer when it’s not to warm

Lawrence James

c’est ma belle Canelle

My Shih Tsu lays on. My
. Lounger in the sun. So cure



So adorable!

Andrea Zimmerman Bennett

Sarah Elizabeth Langston why this izzy

Creature comforts wonderful.xxx

OMG your adorable

Cutest thing I’ve seen all day love it

Christina Calano

Omg what a cutie xx

Beyond precious. ❤💙💚💜


Look at you cutie love your chair xxx

My baby was just like this I miss him xx

Too cute!

Rita Hall Whitlock

My little York Is lays like this on my lap lol

Love it

Sarah Farrimond Millie’s daddy

ressemble a ma petite Canelle trop choupinette

Bless its heart

too cute

Sooo cute

Eileen Wilkinson
Kaitlin Stark

Looks kind of hard but so cute!


Lol so cute 💖😎

Every little Yorkie should have it’s own bench like this. If mine did maybe I’d get a chance on the sofa!

Keta Henderix Laketa laird

My Tyson used to lie in the sun he loved it xxx

Bella loves to do this.

Little cutie pie 🐕

This is hilarious💜

So cute

Hello Beautiful doll 😘🐶🐾💕

Don’t you look, cute. Am going to seal up to with a squirt bottle….and have some FUN!


To cute