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I can’t believe Mommy left without me!

August 1, 2019 by It's a Yorkie Life

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My dog looked like this little yorkie. Looking for one like this. Anyone knows ????

So precious

To cute.

This baby looks likely Furry Granddaughter with 4 legs Paisley

Marion KillianKillian..this sounds like Hazel Marie…lol



Such a cute little one!!!

Que lindo

Casey looks like Marshall with smaller ears, of course. Lol

Rachael Conover Magnanti actually the ears are the same, just shaved!


she’ll be back

I’m sure mommie won’t be gone any longer than she has to be because you look to pitiful watching her leave. You are to cute🐕

My Abbie.



My Max looked like this.

You are too cute

Lovely photo x

I thought it was Bear, but then the furniture is not ours, lol.

Awww! I bet Mommy didn’t want to!

Awwwwww sweet

So so cute

Awe sweetie she will be back

Give her a good telling off when she gets back. How dare she go without an adorable little darling like you.xxx

Too cute mine does the same thing when I leave! Makes me feel guilty! 😢

So cute

My “Bou”

Looks like my Tyson looked out the window just like you too cutie xxx

So darn cute … mommy please come home❤️

Awww…..baby mommy will be back soon!❤

Poor baby!

Awe. Cute. Yorkie

So sweet

She be back baby girl! Mommy wouldn’t leave a sweetie like you for long!

Andrea Zimmerman Bennett

That’s my sweet boy! 🐶

Omg Bad Homie!

Sooooo damn cutr!! I want one!!!!

How pretty

I couldn’t leave him alone
He’s too little.


So cute, love pictures like this.

she will be right back💞

Pierre-Luc Noël



Oy tatlım

Love your cute face!!

I love yorkies

Tree Pintér