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Hugh’s Bosco

July 30, 2019 by Hugh Maple

Wasnt me. I promise!!!!!

Bosco having fun with the cushions

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Oh my what have you done precious baby

Must be a yorkie thing. Mine tears apart toys!!!!

Cutie xxx

Hi sweetheart, i have pillows, toys and…well you name it over the years the same way😊👍

Oh my goodness.

Just as long as he doesn’t eat any of the filling…..lol

I could write a book on two Norwegian Elk hounds we had for 15 years! There wasn’t anything they didn’t chew😊

Well, it has that artistic flair😊👍

OMG looks just like Carly they would be a good match. Every night she finds something to rip apart

so cute

Bosco looks like you are having the time of your life ! Cutie

Little mischievous. Love my yorkies

Oh no those exploding pillows are a real problem.

Are you being naughty Bosco lol

Hi Bosco it looks like u have been very busy tearing cushions up u are going to be in a lot of trouble sweetie

Hi!! Bosco


What is it about cushion stuffing and tissues or toilet paper that attracts Yorkies????

did i do that lol .omg surely not me lol

Oh my goodness jajaja

This would be Odin – he loves the stuffing Brenna OR Carleigh OR Aaron Sheppard

Did Boscos tell you it just exploded.

Hugh, are you looking for a new home for your attack dog? lol

I’ve had pups like this

Bosco! You bad boy lol

Hi!!! Bosco!! It Looks Like You Have A Comfy Little Spot To Lay!!!

Looks like something Bennie would do

Oh no……

Suzanne Richardson reminds me of your Jack 😀

Yep Hun ,my god he got through some pillows and cushions lol xxxxxxxxx

Oh my

Oh no.

That’s Levi alright xx

Carol Saint levi 🐶 is not the only one to do this

Gizzy has done this




They didn’t make those pillows very strong did they Bosco,have to get in touch with manufacturing company for doing such a poor job of making those pillows👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🐾🐾🐾❤❤❤

Now this is the real yorkie !!!!

The pillow exploded 😂

what happened

Oops, sorry mom, but so fun


Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor

Did you kill that pillow? 💗

Oh…that’s nice.

Hello Bosco you are really handsome

Lulu does the same thing….