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Do my glasses make me look smart?

August 26, 2019 by

Do my glasses make me look smart?

Found at: http://bit.ly/1XJy69J

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They sure do!

You look very smart beautiful fur baby

Yotkie s are smart without glasses but they make you look cute ⚘

Of course they do

I don’t know about smart but you sure are adorable

Cute 💖


Yes they do little sweetie ❤️

Yes they certainly look good in your glasses cutie xxx

Ho yes they do!!!

They sure do are you a teacher beautiful fur baby

Oh for sure they do little sweety

Sure do!


Yorkies are smart without glasses 👍💕

They sure do you are so cute

Very smart and cute ❤️

Heck yes they do 😀



Hello Professor, you are certainly adorable

Yes,you little doll 🎈🎈

Extremely intelligent as well as adorable… 💋