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Cheryl’s miss M

May 15, 2019 by Cheryl Gallagher

Guess who took everyones chicken toys today
missM said “all mine”


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Love ❤️ your little chicken toys you are adorable cute

Love ❤️ your little chicken toys you are adorable cute

Sooo cute! ❤️

Your so cute xxxx

Oh that’s a wicked look on this little face. I think the evidence speaks for itself sweetheart.xxxxx

Cutie pie ❤


You are too cute!!

No way!!



Beautiful baby

Luv’n u❤️🐾😘😘😘🐾🐾❤️


That is hilarious! My Yorkie does the sesame thing with her chicken toys💕🐾💕🐾

So precious ❤❤❤


Cute cute!

Hi Miss M u are adorable you’ve got quite a collection of chickens there sweetie

Soo sweet👍❤️🐶

Hi baby


Chicken little

So cute

That is so cute and

Hi Little Miss M 🙂 <3

Beautiful Little Miss M!!!!

Hi cutie pie!

Itty bitty doll,


I see you love chickens, sweetie! 😘

Babies ! ❤️

So cute.

Hi there cutie

I want hugs .

Funny, I just posted a picture of one of our Yorkies, Sadie, asleep with her Chicken in her mouth, n then I saw your picture! 😍😍

She’s aloud


Yorkie owners should know that their yorkies own EVERYTHING in the house including the humans!! They take over everything & we let them because of those adorable faces!! They know we won’t say no to them!!!

So cute

Brittney Cassity

This is the one I liked earlier lol..ahhh I’d kiss that face!! Looks like me nannie baby!!

I know it reminded me of Mr.nan so much!!!! Esp the picture from today with him protecting his toys from Jackson lol

That’s my Teddy . He steals toys and hides them.

Hello Ms. M, you are adorable

So cute! I want one!

Adorable baby… lovin’ her chickens💓