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Cecilia’s Nino

August 21, 2019 by Cecilia Alvarado

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So tiny


He is so cute!

Precioso bebe

Sooo precious ❤️❤️

What a little doll!! ❤️🌺

Oh so cute

So cute

Beautiful of both precious picture

Que lindo esa cosita😘😘😘

Love it♥️♥️♥️

Oh my! Such a presious, Tony baby!


So cute

Omg looks like my little Romeo Porkchop did so precious

Too cute 😍😍😍

What a cutie!

Adorable baby



Hi angel

So cute, where can I get a Yorkie?

So so cute ❤️

Hi Nino. Looking awesome!

Omgoodness! Beyond Adorable!

OMG how cute and small😇😇😇

Beautiful baby

Awww hello Nino


Aww xx

Hello sweetie

So little adorable

I love yorkies! I want .

Cute little baby dog

Too cute and adorable cute

Very sweet!!

Oh my!!

Hi precious 💜

Hello Nino !!!!

Love ❤️

Cutie pie ❤

Gorgeous xxx

Hello little one

Adorable 💖

Your Fur baby is precious <3 Happy Journey.

Love your pic..

So sweet

Hello you Precious.. Precious baby. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾

Awww every cute and adorable😘😘😘😘

My cookie I got at that age!