Sona’s Ritchie

mom let's play

Sona’s Ritchie

Am I cute?

Kellye’s Lilly grace

Pay attention to me

Sona’s Ritchie


Yorkie Photo Withdrawn

Victoria’s Gypsy

These holidays are tough mom, I just need sleep.

JoDee’s Gigi

I think I might of heard Santa🎄😳

Jean’s DJ

DJ just waiting for Christmas!!

Enikő’s Pixie


Jean’s DJ and Maezy

DJ and Maezy are ready for Christmas!!

Angie’s Geno

Chillin with my Daddy

JoDee’s Gigi

Christmas card to all of Gigi's friends.

Tina’s Rukus

Christmas morning! Rukus was a good boy! He just finished the goodies Santa left!

Santa left me yummy treats!!

Amparo’s Ozzie

Christmas picture

Marian’s Reese Puff

Reese Puff loves when these Christmas peppermint pillows come out!

Puff on her peppermint pillows

Liliya’s Jorik

Ready to meet my princess

Marley’s Marley

Marley loves to play hide and seek!

He’s acting shy!

Tina’s Rukus

After I picked Rukus up from the groomers....

Not a fan a the groomers!

Lynda’s Daisy

This is my baby daisy she just got a grooming


Viola’s Lilly

Lilly with her favorite bone !

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Melissa’s Murphy

Richard’s Brauny and Shelby

My great friend Karen. With her Yorkies, Brauny and Shelby

Cant get enough of these Yorkies!

Tóth’s Pixie

Sweet dreams

Lisa’s Chewy

I was holding my adult Yorkie and Chewy was getting jealous. He gave me the cute puppy face sitting at my feet. I couldn't resist.

Newest Addition

Laura’s Cooper

Cooper napping with his Chubacah after a long day of playing ❤️

Lisa’s Snickers

Chillin with my mom.

What a Life

Kerri’s Mr biggles

Mr biggles wearing new santa suit getting ready for christmas will be going to nursing home to visit the residents they love it when we visit

Ann’s Lulu

Thank you for the sweatshirt Mom

It's cold outside

Elaine’s Max

Max loves his comfy PJ's.

Getting ready for bed.....

Renee’s Pancake

Pancake is 7 years old. He is the best !! Love him so much ... and whether or not he wins march madness, he has won our hearts !!

Dean’s PC

Sadly, PC crossed the Rainbow Bridge the morning of February 13. She is still watching over me.

Alice’s Tino

Here's a little pot of gold for your contest!

Dandi’s Zoey

Zoey in her elf outfit helping with the lights

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