March Madness 2019

Stacy’s Rebel

Such a good companion!

Rebecca’s Lola

Whatever Lola wants....Lola gets!!

Patricia’s Lexi

Looking out the window at the snow

Nicole’s Sawyer

Sawyer is 9 years old and my world! He loves toys and going for walks! He is having surgery and a biopsy on April 11, we would love some prayers! Thank you!

Lawanda cissy’s Kenzie

Kenzie is so sweet. She can twirl and dance. She keeps her Mom company.

Sierra’s Cooper Tyson Moore

Mommas boy always ❤️

Patricia’s Lexi

Spent the morning getting groomed and now she's relaxing

Sierra’s Callie Mae Moore

She knows she’s a princess 👑

Sandra’s JJ

JJ is a total mommas boy! Love my little guy! ❤️

Heather’s Bradley Pooper

First time seeing the ocean and it was the best day ever

Heather’s Bradley Pooper

I luv being with mommie so to ensure im going shopping with her i jump in her purse every day

Roger’s Dexter

Daddy's Superbuddy!!!

Cindy’s Prissy

So sweet and so smart and I swear she can tell time!

Lori’s Armani

Cowboys Football with my gal 🏈

Lori’s Lori’s Armani

Armani is truly a Loverboy ❤️

Diane’s Chloe is perfectly matched and ready to go!

My mommy’s birthday is in March and winning would be gift to her 🐾❤️🐾

Laura’s Cooper AKA Pup Pup

Sweet pup pup cuddling up to his fave pillow ❤️

Jessica’s Genesis & Thor

Date night❤️

Sasha’s Maverick

Mavipants loves his hacky sack his dad got for him.

Traci’s Atlas

Atlas is all about comfort!

Janice’s Lambeau

Sweetest Lil guy..

Yorkie Photo Withdrawn

Gina’s Maddox

Smiling during play!

Rita’s Jey Jey

Let’s play ball. Three year old yorkie goes to work with mama every day.

Jill’s Stella and Willie

Just like the pillow says...
I kissed a dog and I liked it! 😊💋🐶🐕🐾🐾

Ann’s Finn

I’m ready to go!

Christine’s Lacey

My beautiful Lacey.

Patricia’s Lexi Anne

She's the sweetest!

Shelly’s Bacca & Daisy

It’s Almost Summer and mommy got us Groomed 🐾💕🐾🐾💕🐾

Trisha’s Lucy

My 3 pound forever puppy, even at 10 years of age

michael’s Roscoe P. Coltrane Milstein

Super cute

Bonita’s Tink


Shauna’s Baxter CoCoa Maily River

My favorite photo, we lost CoCoa almost a month ago to brutal dog attack so I cherish this pic❤️

Jenny’s Tori the Fairy

Smile everything is better with a crown 👑

Leigh’s A-ROD

My sweet baby

Patricia’s Gracie

She’s my 7 years old baby, love her to the moon and back

Melissa’s Maddison

She was very excited about going with my girls on a walk....she had her sweater on an was ready to go....

Donetta’s Buster is the little one Lulu is the bigger one

Lulu was our pride and joy she would bring a smile to everyone’s face no matter what RIP sweetie ~ Buster is a senior Yorkie we rescued. He was only 2lbs when we got him with one tooth he has adjusted well to his new forever home.. He brings us much joy.. love to run around the house and make us chase him


Prince is a Rescue. Sweet and Full of Spunk.

Vickie’s Sophie

Sophie is our 3 lb princess. She Is calm, quite and such a sweetheart. She Loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her.

Kim’s Sophie

This is our sweet Sophie girl. She is 12 years old and recovering from IVDD surgery. We are praying for a full recovery. It’s been real tough on her but she is definitely enjoying all the rest and pampering she has gotten.

Lisa’s Tucker

Tucker loves to dream about chewies while the games are on! 🏀🐶😴

Cathy’s Tagalong

this is Tagalong wearing his DOGGLES!!!

Kathie’s Alfie

But why can't dogs eat Chile?

Carol’s Dexter

Dexter is my lifeline. I don't know where i would be without him. Best little guy in the world! 💘💘💘

Elaine’s Max The Wonder Dog

My Heart ❤️

Reenie’s Du’x

Du’x showing off his St. Patrick’s Day tie

Reenie’s Nami

Nami celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with his tie

Paula’s James Jaxson Small

Jaxson is just like Cupid, spreading love and wet kisses!

Donna’s Mocha

Mocha is celebrating the 4th of July.