March Madness 2018

Linda’s Max

Max has been there for me through a very hard time in my life ! I don't think I would have made it without him

Theresa’s LEYLA

Sassy Pants!! 💕

Christine’s Sadie

Rock her Shamrock

Tammy’s Pearl

Pearl is the most loving puppy. She loves to cuddle and to get treats.

Annie’s Mirabelle & Tucker

Snuggle Buddies

Emma’s Pongo

Pongo is very playful and is very engertic

Kimberly’s Gizmo J. Masters

My sweet tiny teacup was a rescue. His previous owners weren't caring for him. When I got him he was very sick! I nursed him back to life,and I can't imagine my life without him. #proudmom

Nicole’s Benji

Boss of the house!

Brandon’s Buster

Buster is an energetic, loving and affectionate dog. He loves to play with his rope toy and snuggle on the bed.

Lanna’s Coco

Please meet Coco! She's nine years old and still loves to play like a puppy.

annie’s Polly

Polly hasn’t put the kettle on yet ! xxx

Michelle’s Bella

This little lady is 8 years young and a little spoiled. She has her own idea of personal space.

Melissa’s Moka

I did not consent to this bath!

Jennifer’s Nash

Cutest snowbunny ever!!

Tammy’s Gracie

I'm just a little love bug ! I love to play with my best friend Miss Kitty. She even gives me a bath everyday can you believe that ! I love everybody I meet with all my heart ❤

Chelsi’s Chewy

Chewy is an albino yorkie

Patsy’s Ruby

She is the ruler of my house. Such a big baby and must be wherever I am all the time.

Gennifer’s Thor

Peek a boo

Jessica’s Benni

I’ve had Benni since he was 6 weeks he’ll be 5 in June and we just lost his brother K-oss on 2/28 after he just turned 4 on 2/22 and he was diagnosed with AIHA/ von willebrand disease and Benni and I lost a piece of our heart when K-oss left us. So we’re doing this for K-oss

Lisa’s Dexter (Bug)

My heart.

Brittany’s Maizey Delphine

Maizey Delphine is fun, loving, energetic and Full of Personality!!! (This is my first birthday photo, I just turned one in February.) She is the greatest puppy ever!!! Love you Maizey girl😊

Melissa’s Moka

What? I wanted Mom's Apple.

Shelley’s Axel

He loves to snuggle!

Diane’s Gracie

Most loving little girl, love her so much!

Getti’s Minni

Minni is 8 months old and likes to make her hair messy. I brush her twice daily and within 5 minutes she looks like this again. We love her.

Kim’s Bayley

Bayley is 10
Years old and she is the boss. And you shouldn’t forget it cause she will remind you.

Ashley’s Calj

The sweetest people person pup you’ll ever meet. Absolutely loves to give kisses.

Jean’s Crazy Daisy

She rules this house!!!

Claire’s ENZO

Enzo is a sweet boy.. loves treats!

Shauna’s Baxter, Cocoa, Maily and River

Fabulous Four

Shaina’s Beatrix and Ozzie

The sweetest cuddle buddies!

Amy’s Bentley

Bentley loves walks in the park, chasing birds out of the yard and riding in his stroller.

Carrie’s Immy

Immy is 9 years old and just a little lover.

Vicki’s Harry

Harry is also known as Happy Harry

Erika’s Lala & oliver

Cutest brother and sister team❤️💙

Lindsey’s Able

This yorkie baby loves to sun bathe and roll in grass!

Chelsi’s Chewy

Chewy is an albino yorkie

Shannon’s Gizmo

Gizmo loves to pose for pictures!

Shannon’s Gizmo

This is Gizmo. He is almost 1 year old and weighs 4 lbs. He loves biting toes and is a stealth food snatcher.

Crissy’s Baby Kay and her brother Napoleon

Just a cute pic of the kids dressed up for March.

Brittany’s Baby Tillie, Gypsy, and Ozzy dog

When mom has food

Jaime’s Pancake

Pancake is always looking for food or pets!

Debra’s Mia

My Angel and service dog.

Lanette’s Prince Pace

He truly is my Prince


Chloe enjoying a nice day on the swings

Debbie’s Harlee

Harlee loves to play, basking in the sun & lying with him Mommy

Cheryl’s Little bear and teddy bear

These two dont even know they are dogs, they are spoiled rotten.