March Madness 2017

Lisa’s Zoey

She hates it when I dress her up.

Patty’s Lola Belle

My sweet girl, Lola Belle, loves March Madness! ♥

Alisa’s Baby Bella

Spoiled rotten and loving HER!

Lea’s Cannoli

My cutie pie

Jennifer’s Bear

What a little stud muffin.

Click’s Joey Suede

All our boys (Joey, Sawyer, and Gryphon Suede) are rescues. Their previous owners did horrible, horrible things to them (broken back, ruptured bladder, collapsed trachea after being choked, severe neglect). Many thanks to Happy Tails Rescue of Mississauga for finding them for our second chances! We are so lucky to recieve their love after their first humans were so awful!!!

Alisa’s Bella

Helping mommy with laundry!

Misty’s Jack

He loves his blankie!

Rona Jean’s Shamrock

Love my sweet baby girl!

Elaine’s Max

Max is my 7 year old fur baby. He is the love of my life.

Rhonda’s Mojo

He's a doll❤

Click’s Joey Suede

The Guardian.
Joey gave his life for this boy.

Lauren’s Coco

Mommy, learning ICD 10 is hard. Can I just play outside?

Kristie’s Sophie

Sophie sitting pretty, her favorite activity is to give sweet kisses 😘

Victoria’s Bently

He is my heart! He never ceases to make me smile. This is him smiling and laughing at me!

Andrea’s Mollie

I am ready for a night out on the town.

Summer’s Phoebe

6 months old.

Christina’s Delyla Brooke-Lynn

My beautiful fur baby. She can brighten the darkest days.

Hedy’s Ruby

Meet 13 week old Ruby, who has been given the nickname Princess, as she is a whopping 2.8 lbs.

Vanita’s Lilly GaleMom

Mom, this is embarrassing

Pam’s Ava

My beautiful little Yorkie girl!! 🐾💕🐾

Kathy’s Riley

Say hi to my baby boy Riley 💕🐶

Shelly’s Bacca & Daisy

We Love our Kansas City Royals Team!!!!!

Lisa’s George

This is george sitting up!!

Pam’s GiGi

GiGi is a retired Breeder who is now living The Good Life

Alyssa’s Winston

Winston is 1.5 years old and is the most energetic and loving little boy!

Heather’s Piper Jo

Piper Jo is 5 years old and has a personality all of its own. She loves to cuddle, go for car rides, and play. Shes the best friend everyone wishes for! She also serves as a service animal.

Anne’s Jazmine

i feel pretty, so pretty.....

Jackie’s Dexter and Daisy

Dexter and Daisy are ready for bed in their matching PJs.

Sheryl’s Jax Teresi

Jax is one crazy dog! We love him dearly!!

Amy’s Sam and Rylie

My boys waiting for me to get in the car so we can go home!

Stacy’s Pebbles

Pebbles is a 4 year old, 6 lb. morkie!

Liliya’s Jorik

Hi ! I am Jorik! I love to be cute and charming!

Hedy’s Jack

This is 13 week old Jack. He loves going for walks and always finds a stray sock!

Stephanie’s Barkley

He loves to play fetch!

Melissa’s Princess

Supporting police for their service to us

Carla’s Rowdee

Hi my name is Rowdee and I'm soon to be 12 years old. I only have 3 legs, but I bet you can't tell, it hasn't slowed me down. I love life and my mommy.

Cheryl’s Buddy

Buddy loves being outside in the sunshine

Susan’s Bailey and Bentley

Taking a break before our next adventure

Rene’s Tsunami

No worries mom...I'm a big boy now.
I'm on the job.

Wanda’s Piccles

Our little Angel

Cat’s Jack and Oliver

Even tho jack doesn't look it..they don't mind dressing up at all

Sheryl’s Chloe

Lovely Chloe

Jamie’s Kolby Jack

Kolby is "so" excited to have his sweater on ☺

Teddi’s Trinka

She is one of 4 fur kids I own. She is 10 years old and she is 3 pounds. She thinks she is a pit bull.

Christina’s Delylah Brooke-Lynn

My beautiful princess

Becky’s Baby C

Yes, these are all mine!!

Sheila’s Autumn

Autumn Loves The Mountaineers 💙💛🏀#LetsGoMountaineers💙💛

Carla’s Rosalie

Play with me mommy