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Melissa’s Princess

Posing for the camera.

Becky’s Kace Bella (KK)

She has to go everywhere I go we picked bub up from school and she fell asleep on his bookbag in the car ❤️️

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Jessica’s Benni

I’ve had Benni since he was 6 weeks he’ll be 5 in June and we just lost his brother K-oss on 2/28 after he just turned 4 on 2/22 and he was diagnosed with AIHA/ von willebrand disease and Benni and I lost a piece of our heart when K-oss left us. So we’re doing this for K-oss

Pam’s Lilly

Just came from the Salon.

Beth’s Sammy

ET phone home!

Ginger’s Ginger

Our yorkie is watching game of throne

Kaila’s Dallas (female)

Dallas loves her walks! She’s so happy she’s smiling

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Alisa’s Bella

Helping mommy with laundry!

Joyce’s Bella

Bella’s 6th Birthday!

Anastasia’s Bella

Bella wondering who is going to play with her.


Rob’s Finn

Loveable,friendly and a real pal!

Brenda’s rocco rosado

september 26th Rocco's first birthday.

Brittany’s Sophie Jane

Sleeping and snuggling with mommy in the recliner Its such a hard life snuggling with mommy

Hakim’s Kojie

Kojie with his long hair...

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Hedy’s Ruby

Meet 13 week old Ruby, who has been given the nickname Princess, as she is a whopping 2.8 lbs.

Vanita’s Lilly GaleMom

Mom, this is embarrassing

Despoina’s Zizel

I'm a Barbie puppy in a yorkies' world 🎀

Hello from Zizel 💕

Janet’s Jack

Enjoying the summer!

Cathy’s Tag a long

Cuddle time

June’s Benny Choi

Mom says I get a treat if I pose for a picture with this hat on.

Lisa’s Dexter (Bug)

My heart.

Pam’s Ava

My beautiful little Yorkie girl!! 🐾💕🐾

Lesley’s Poppy

Poppy’s chilling I. Mums chair

Marilyn’s Riley

My little devil, Riley.

Courtney’s Ava

Nap time!

Pidge’s Spike

Resting after playing with my sister Tinkerbell

Shaina’s Ozzie

Ready for the summer!

Sabrina’s Abby

Let's take a selfie!

Nicole’s Princess Paisley

Princess Paisley posing for Daddy to take her picture.

Marisa’s Daisy Mae

I love my walks with mom in my pink stroller💜

Dawn’s Jazmine Marie

6th birthday 2-2-17

Karen’s Jazzmine

Little Jazzy trying to keep warm!!!

Brittany’s Maizey Delphine

Maizey Delphine is fun, loving, energetic and Full of Personality!!! (This is my first birthday photo, I just turned one in February.) She is the greatest puppy ever!!! Love you Maizey girl😊

Kathy’s Riley

Say hi to my baby boy Riley 💕🐶

Sharon’s BUBBA


Crystal’s Toby

Toby is my part of my family. He brings us happiness!

Tina’s Ti-Lou


melissa’s boomer


Sherry’s Pebbles

Sitting pretty!

Rus’s Maxy

Hello there🤗

Kim’s Bella

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Lydia’s Lily

Lily is not ready to take a nap...Lily would much rather play!

Shelly’s Bacca & Daisy

We Love our Kansas City Royals Team!!!!!

Laurie’s Jack and Jonah

My precious cuddle bugs!

Carrie’s Dozer

Sweet Dozer sitting here waiting on love when we got home ....

JH’s Yeony

waiting for cookie!

Erika’s Love

Just love

Nikki’s Coco princess

Watching the sun go down

Jeanne’s Ozzy

Snow in February