January 14, 2020 by It's a Yorkie Life

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I have two yorkies Sparky Sparkles be 10 yrs old tomorrow andy Romeo little he,ll be two Saturday gotta love them !

Sisler Peggy

Gary Sisler aw finni

I have three yorkies…love love love them❤❤❤

So true! I have 3 Yorkies too Patti Holmes Sheehan. I just love them.

Kiara Rochelle Large what Layla says😂😂😂

So cute xxx

Yes Lily but not Addie?


Ian Ramsay

Just a Yorkie !

Nicole Williams Davis


Isabel… not Lucas! He wants to go back inside cuz he’s cold 🥶 🤣

I had 4 Yorkies and would never have another breed either. They are one of a kind. I love them. 🐕❤️💚💛💜


Yeah!!!! Mines got that too!

Yep that’s my Zoey!

Ahhhhhhh lap dogs!!!!!! Love them tho….. we have 3 yorkies…. and will never have another breed

Patti Holmes Sheehan I am on my second baby. A descendant of my first. Never be a different breed.❤️

Patti Holmes Sheehan My neighbours had 4 Lost Chuckie T cup he was just short of 18 but they really are characters..We have a Yorkie girl 💖💖She,s my world and best friend💕

That sounds like my Daisy Yorky

Katchana that’s Victor! 🤣🤣🤣

Berny St-Pier aaaaaaayee

Cindy Reyna Wiggins

Erica Bravo

Andrew Bravo Jr So Coco

Sounds like my two !!!!

So true 😂😍

That sounds just like my Yorkies…Play hard outside and come in the house to use the potty.

Not ALL Yorkies do 😐 I’ve had two. Both are good girls 👍

Omg…Really they love the carpets to poop 🐶🐾💕



Nadine Jones Nichols

And on the Oriental. ALWAYS on the Oriental. He has good taste.

Mine too…

Ben Ummel🤦🏼‍♀️

So precious🐕🐶🐾

Andrea Zimmerman Bennett
Jeff Bennett

Yep. That’s my yorkie


Robert Brown

So True !

Joey Moyer sounds like Rosie!

Mary Thompson Moyer that’s her

Anna Rachel

Debbie Storey Barr.

Alexis Lehman Dobbs this is MI MI 😂😂😂❤️

Crystal Lehman this is her 👹👹👹

Alexis Lehman Dobbs I immediately thought of MI MI WHEN SAW THIS 😂😂😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Crystal Lehman that is her 🙃🙃 drives me crazy lol

I have two that pulls that on me.

John Flowers

How cute is that

Justin Stone

Emma Horan

Sounds about right!

That is so funny. Because a couple of mine has done that to me a couple of times.